About me

Art washes from the soul from the dust of evryday life
Pablo Picasso

I am an independent Polish artist who creates big, colorful figurative and abstract works of art as well as installations and sculptures. Art creation means power and confidence for me. My paintings are transmitters of hope. I focuses on presenting beauty, hope and openness of light. The paintings are full of colors, light and warmth, and hope is their main topic. Contemplating my the artworks of one can see abstraction and unexpectedly discover new objects. It is comparable to the metaphor of a tightrope walk.

I uses bright colors which shape mutual interaction between transparency and opaqueness. Moreover, they are interconnected. The depth of my paintings brings back old memories and vaguely expressed dreams.

I am fascinated by the layers of street posters with seemingly random shapes, colors and textures, all changing over time. Combined they constitute the work of art – something I want to reveal in my own work. Through many layers of colors and structure I want to give each of my paintings incredible mood and depth – no two paintings are the same. I am also inspired by street art of New York and everything that comes from the contact with the Earth. I notice what is crucial, universal and timeless. While painting I reach to the depths, for what is most alive. On the one hand, the order of the universe, perfect harmony, and on the other hand, total chaos, the beginning of the universe.


Exhibitions and accomplishments:

A collective exhibition “Mystery & Apparition” AGORA gallery in New York

An original exhibition “Luring with unrevealed mystery” in Wroclaw

An original exhibition “Unity” in Wroclaw

A series of collective exhibitions “Art in Public Spaces” in Wroclaw

The Winner of an international contest “WOMAN OF THE TWENTIES”

A collective exhibition “10 Looks” in Wroclaw

A collective exhibition “Body and Physicality in the Works of Emerging Artists. Look What Young Emerging Artists See.” Google Art & Culture

An original exhibition “Balance” in Poznan

An original exhibition “Soul Synergy” in Poznan