Commission art

Emotions, desires, fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams, fantasies, night dreams, something that is just being born or something to say goodbye to – if you need an original artwork, unique and exceptional, a painting created especially for you or for a loved one, write, call or send a message. I will be happy to help you create it. I will try to understand and show your “inner world” in art.

I reach many subjects on a deep existential and psychological level with my paintings. Painting with a specific intention, I bring out to the surface of the image what is important for every human being, and often so difficult to grasp, name, make aware of.

The need for closeness and the desire for reconciliation, the need to get closer to yourself and return to your own interior, love for another person, passion, peace, harmony, power of nature, loneliness, sadness, wisdom of ancestors. While creating, I am in a state of flow. I feel connected to many emotional states, thanks to which in my works I combine the personal with the universal. My paintings show a wide spectrum of topics. I work with colors, haptic structure and light, bringing out the elusive. I paint portraits, create abstractions and figurative works.

Commission artwork